MCC Preventive Maintenance

mcc.jpgRabalais has extensive experience servicing industrial switchgear. We can inspect panels, switchgear, and motor control centers (MCCs), as well as perform any and all of the maintenance required.

Preventative maintenance of MCCs typically occurs either by inspecting energized equipment or inspecting de-energized equipment.

Infrared thermography

One of the most common methods of inspecting energized equipment is infrared thermography. Infrared thermography is a non-invasive inspection technology that uses an infrared camera to monitor temperatures and thermal patterns while equipment is running at full load to detect changes in temperature.

Inspecting de-energized equipment

Inspecting de-energized equipment often requires more training than visual inspections.  Engineers are required to follow specific guidelines on de-energizing, isolating, and grounding the equipment needing to be inspected.

De-energized inspections include:

  • Assessing the structure
  • Evaluating buses and splice connections
  • Looking at wiring and branch circuit protection devices 
  • Evaluating starters and contactors

When it comes to MCC preventive maintenance, Rabalais has a team of technicians ready to assist. Contact us today.